5 minute papersuit or All you need is...paper...

Today our Nicole gave us a nice idea for activity before the dinner. Accidentally she tore off a piece of paper which we use for painting on the board from IKEA and the length of it was enough to roll it around Karolinas chest, what we actually did. The next moment we were decorating it already, painting whatever we think about in this very moment.

After that we took another piece of paper as a skirt and repeated the actions. Fixed everything with the help of some clips and TA-DA our outfit is done!

Homemade cake vs Cake from the Bakery

Yesterday we had a nice Lazy Day which was on the other side quite "productive". How can it be, you will ask?! Hm...the thing is that we spent the whole day in the kitchen making experiments and improving our skills in cooking and baking as rainy weather didn't allow us to go out. Slowly Tempo, enjoying the time within the family circle.
So, we chose to bake our first BEE STING Cake  ever and after 3 hours we GOT IT!!! A little bit before the "Masterpiece" was ready, we had called to our friends and invited them to us. 

Waiting for the guests...whipping the cream last minutes, putting the cake in the fridge to let it get cooled before serving....and Binggggg Bonggggggg...Our Guests are coming with....a CAKE too-))) and what kind of cake????? BEE STING Cake......lol

Yeah, our afternoon coffee time was reminding kind of cake degustation and comparison. So, we collected all points to this or that cake and on the Ring with a battle HOMEMADE CAKE Vs. Bakery Cake...we chose ours as the Winner
it was of course Fresh, soft, not sooo sweet and crispier.

I hope you had a nice weekend too-)))

Mum of Karolina
Ladi Di

Easter Party Review

Hey Hey Hey!!!Easter Holiday is over but still memories are fresh. And lots of impressions ...We had a really big day which started from a nicely decorated and quiet breakfast part and then was quickly changed into a loud and vivid part, full of kids and their parents.

My friends and I decided to make a kind of mini role play for our children with their participation in games and then Egg hunting.
So, do you remember that Bunny mask which I told about before? It was just the beginning of my costume, the next day I made the rest- with a hot glue gun I stuck the cotton balls to the paint suit. At this time my friend Olga prepared wonderful Papier Mache Masks of the Fox and the Duck. All of these three characters were playing with kids where the Bunny was a brother of Easter Bunny, the Duck was his friend and the Fox made always jokes with two of them and stole Bunny's tail.
The idea was to find the tail as soon as possible together with the sweets which were hidden by Easter Bunny. All instructions were given on the carrots with tasks which were spread around the garden, after finishing with which kids could finally find the chocolate eggs. In the tasks there were different games, like:
- bringing eggs on the spoon from one place to another
- making bunny masks and jumping like the rabbit
- a game where the fox must catch one of the bunnies
- a bunny train
- singing songs about bunnies in the train and jumping, etc

As a suprise there was a big Pinata Egg on the tree full of sweets and....the Fox hid the tail there as well. Everybody was happy as they got what they wanted and the celebration continued.

I hope you had also nice time and memories from that big day are bright and colourful-))))
mum of Karolina,
Ladi Di

Easter preparations

Few days are left before Easter and lots of things must be done yet. Preparations are in the process...I am working at my Easter Bunny costume as we plan to make a kind of mini-show for our kids where I will play the Bunny. The mask was made today...

Here you can see also some things which we created or prepared as our Easter Decor.
    This year I planed to paint the real eggs after they must be blown out. However the plan didn't work. I guess I didn't have enough power, lol. Neither had Karolina. So, we decorated styropor eggs and hung them on the bush.
      We found as well a very nice Easter craft block where all you need is to cut out the template and do what is written in instruction. You can see the pic above with some chicks and chicken as an example.
       Karolina likes preparing garlands. Ours is made from Easter symbols or some thematical characters.

24....24 of them....painted eggs on a cardboard. Karolina had fun to work with acrylic paints, preparing the background. I was responsible for the print. Anyway, the band through the hole was managed by both of us, where I should say "WOW, Karolina, you were sooooo patient!". She was fighting till the end till she got the thread from the other side of the hole-))) So, these eggs will be hung up a day before, as it is a part of decor exactly for the holiday day.
The basket for Egg Hunting was decorated by me together with the bunny mask today. I stuck different attributes of Easter from all sides of the basket and added a ribbon of red colour. Karolina loves it. 
   So, I have couple of days to finish the rest.  And what do you prepare for the Easter Holiday?
mum of Karolina
Ladi Di

DIY Easy and Creative Easter Wreath

In this post I would like to share with you with a wreath which I created myself for Easter 3 days ago.  It is very easy to do, cheap by supply materials (I guess all together about maximum 5 euro) and within 15 minutes it was ready to be hanged up.

You will need:
1)a cardboard
2) scissors, glue, hot glue gun
3) some fabric
4) decor elements

I didn't use this time a styropor ring for my idea as I wanted to make it from really simple things which are not so costy. That is why I cut out a ring with diameter of 30 cm (outside) and some eggs.
Then I wind it with a piece of fabric. I choose feltband of a yellow colour, size: 7,5*200cm. Just glue the beginning of it and then twist it. Fix the end of the band as well with a glue. 
 For eggs I took old clothes from the baby and cut out some squares to cover them with fabric.
After that I made a kind of compostition on the wreath which I like and stick them with a hot glue gun. All in all it looks cute and with memories.

Easter chick, peep peep-))) Easter craft with handprint

It is already a long time when everybody makes different craft works for Easter. We are not the exception=) Unfortunately, didn't have time to post as garden demands a lot of attention,lol-))) So let's start...

This Easter chick which we made was the first one  apart from egg decorating, postcards and other crafts.
You need:
1) cardboard of yellow, orange, red colour
2) googly eyes
3) finger paints or other paints you have for craft
4) some decoartive elements as feathers, crepe paper, etc
5) scissors, glue

- First Karolina cut out 2 circles from yellow paper and stuck one to another.
 - After that we made a hand print of her on orange paper (for chicken wings) and a print of 3 fingers (for chicken legs).
- Cut out them and stuck to the body.
- Googly eyes and chicken beak are glued as well.
- The best part is decoration: we stuck feather of different colours, and bow to the neck. Your variant can be different. Make it beautiful with what you like-)

and TA-DA...

 Cute and a good memory of Karolina's little hands! Can be a nice present for grandparents or friends-)
As it was Karolina's first Easter craft this year, she wanted to leave it by her (Actually she begins always with intention to give her "masterpiece" to someone, but after she sees the result, most of the times she wants to have it in her playroom-)))). Now it is on our fridge...