Activity for toddlers from boxes, or what to do on a rainy day

First of all I would like to ask you to forgive me for my disappearing. I am away from home, travelling with a visit to my family, and unfortunately it was not possible for me to be so often in Internet as I wished.  Right now I am still somewhere but not on sunny Cyprus, and here, where I am staying now, it is raining already for some days. On the one hand it is nice that I can take rest from the heat and enjoy fresh and cool air as I will get the whole portion and "joy" of high temperature in a few days. On the other hand we have to stay at home with my kid and hide from the rain. So, here is a big task for me to keep my darling away from getting bored .

I've noticed how interested Karolina is hiding sth, and searching for this, or how much she likes taking items from one box to another, it keeps her busy rather well. This time simple boxes from frozen food, juice and shoes helped me a lot. 

                                        "Knock, knock, who is there?"

  I took a box from frozen food (yes, yes, and don't laugh about that, all we know that children are sometimes more interested about things from the kitchen than expensive and beautiful toys) which I could find at home, I mean my staying place. Cut out a small "window" of a square form, put there small toys, different objects, and closed it. Karolina was occupied for rather long time with it, taking out the items and putting them back, shaking the box, and what a smile she gave me when took out minnie mouse, which she adores, or Cheburashka , other cartoon character from Russian film, etc.

  "Multifunctional shoe box: Pencils inside of the box game and Ramp for cars"

Later, when it stopped being exciting, Karolina demanded a new entertainment from me. Here I saw a shoe box.  I cut out 3 holes of different sizes in the cover of the box: the biggest one, middle one and the smallest one.

Stand the cover in the middle of the box, the part from Karolina's side filled in with pencils, markers, a toy car, and a lego brick.

Then I asked her to give me through these holes the objects. At the beginning it was working just like a mail, then I gave her a task to give me a marker through the biggest hole or the middle one. I also changed the task for a giving me a car, that she will feel the difference in sizes, the same repeated with a lego.

In this was we tried to learn with her the difference what is bigger and what is smaller. I helped her in it with the timbre of my voice: the highest pitch- for the smallest hole and the lowest pitch - for the biggest one. 

After that, Karolina was interested just in painting over this box cover, which kept her rather long as well-))) it was like a board for painting. 
here you can see the result of her painting and then she played herself hiding and taking out the pencils

                                                   "Car ramp"

The last what we did with this poor shoe box is a funny car ramp. I put it upside down, then flattened out one of the ends of the cover over it. Taped it that its fixed strong enough, and here you go - cars are waiting already on the top to slide them down. Karolina likes cars now a lot, she learnt the word "AUTO", which means a car in German, and always repeats it.

To make the game more interesting with different obsticles for the car or may be for the driver Karolina, I cut out gates from juice box and the car must drive through them what also works on motorics of the child. Sliding down the cars is also not so successful at the moment, Ive noticed that Karolina doesn't realise yet where the front of the car is and how to direct it. So, such kind of fun car ramp is not only a game, but a good exercise.