3rd ARTY-PARTY Birthday day

And here we are...already 3 years old. My little girl is getting older!!! And what a big step is in her development!it is completely a different child, I mean she understands much more, you can negotiate with her and arrange even sth-))) This year Karolina was waiting for her birthday a looooot. We have a calender for the year 2013 where for each month there are photos of us. November is devoted to her birthday with the pics from her 2nd birthday and her Date was marked with a sticker long time ago. So, we counted and waited...

Karolina helped me with some prepartions for decorations. We chose such theme as ARTY-PARTY for her 3rd birthday and I guess it was quite successful. My daughter loves painting, colouring, cutting out from the paper, making crafts, etc. In one word, the meaning of this party was not only about Art as painting, but Art as creation of something, creative work in general. And naturally all colours of rainbow were used to evoke such mood. Moreover we used not only balloons and swirls in decorations but also we cut out some paint spots from the colour paper and stuck Karolina's craft works which we made during the whole year. She was so excited in "decking" the room with them. After that I printed out the photos from our blog which showed how she was doing this or that craft.
Here you can see a piece of Art which is called "Aphrodite" by Theo Michael, our friend from Cyprus. I wanted to mention it on purpose that you can see his works, they are great!!!

In this picture you see our old work with Foot Print Giraffe Craft, exactly what I mentioned above

Invitations were made in quite easy way which look like that:
Even though we moved not so long ago to our new home, we managed to make some goos friends who joined us to share the celebration and it was really fun, in a small company but very cute and nice-)
The most focus was done on games, activities for kids, here are some of them:
1) kids made their hand prints for the memory and actually it served as a favor, thank you present as well. Karolina was the first and it was very "fat"-))) but the results of next participant were already better

2) our girls and fathers were asked to play together and stick the red nose of the clown to the correct place, a very well known and old game, but as usual makes everyone laugh
3) one of the funniest moment was the game with whipped cream and gummi letter-sweets. Kids and mummies should find the letters without help of hands and say a wish to Karolina which begins from the letter. Of course womens fantasy was all about cosmetics, perfum and jewellery-)))it was Top!!!

There were some other small games and you can without a doubt imagine how children room looked after that.

The cake was baked by me this time and guests told they liked it, hope its true,lol=)))

 Kids left quite happy and Karolina was glad to have such a nice company for her birthday! Of course we missed our friends from Cyprus, but thats why I want to post it and tell them that we were thinking about them!!!

P.S. Here you can see tired face of a birthday girl at the end of the party-))) Facepaiting was done by one of the child, good work, also art, isnt it?

DIY shoes for a doll

Karolina has 3 dolls which she loves most of all. She plays with all of them, from time to time she goes to bed with the biggest doll, or dresses her up in clothes of her younger sister (what i allow to do already-)))), the other day she takes her little doll (which stays on place number 1 anyway, she calls it "Pupsik" (u like in the word "moon"), using a russian word for that) in her bed or in kindergarten. Actually this Pupsik travelled around the world, already without one leg, which i stick on hot glue million times, lol...

Anyway, when I have time i try to do sth for her beloved dolls- sth to knit, sth to sew, and the last time I tried to make shoes for her biggest doll. Karolina was sitting next to me and wanted all the time to be in the middle of the process, though it was quite dangerous as i used hot glue. However, later when we started to colour the shoes she helped me quite good-)))

So, you need not so much:
1) cardboard
3) hot glue, as the white glue will not be enough to hold the cardboard in the shape of a shoe
4) scissors
5) paints,brush
6) string
7) your favourite doll
and in the pictures you can see how to make the shoes.

What I would like to think about is to make holes for the string before you paint the shoes in order not to spoil the colour-)))
Ok, have fun, and let me know how successful it was-)))

Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

Minnie Mouse is still in favourites of my daughter, she loves her dress from the last bday party and puts it quite often on. As this week was again full of Minnie Mouse stuff I decided to make a Minnie Mouse Hairstyle for Karolina which i saw in a video on youtube. I am subscribed to a great channel Cute Girls Hairstyles where I got lots of interesting ideas from Mindie and in one of the last family videos her kids made Minnie Mouse Buns to their mum. Here is the link to a tutorial from Mindie: Mindy McKnight Shows Off Her Disney Side | Disney Parks 

Of course im not a professional stylist, but the result was quite good. Have a look, pls-)))

So, tell me, how u find these Buns??? cutie, isnt she???

Painting afternoon- a doll with Karolina's height in 1m

One afternoon we made a playdate for our kids and the idea behind was to create a doll or a princess, or a ballerina with a height of a child. My karolina chose a doll.

So, we roll out a paper, and asked a child to lie down in order to be drawn around. 

After that we offered them to colour it and make some dresses or skirts, accessories, in one word - everything what they want their dolls to be dressed up with.

My Karolina was quite creative with a choice of colours for doll's skin-))) but anyway, it was very nice experience for girls.

After that they continued painting and this is the result of their activity:

After that playdate Karolina was sooooooooo exhausted that hardly could she go till her bed. So, dear mummies, i recommend you to do the same to have your time after that-)))

Face painting

I think I will start from the favourite things of Karolina which are in our photo archive - painting, especially on the face. She LOVES it! As soon as I bought her that palette of paints for the face, she asked me almost everyday to draw sth on her face. Of course i didn't make anything complicated for the beginning and it was simple patterns like flowers, butterflies, indiana pattern, etc.

Then Karolina was the main "visagist". She liked the idea of painting on dolls' faces or on parents' faces. The pictures with the models of the latter we will not post-)))

Later the painting was bigger and bigger...

So, and how often do you paint on the face of yr little one?

A short note, sorry for disappearing!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello-))) I am glad to be here again...It seems I haven't written for ages...Yeah, lots of things have happened in our life since my last post. Sorry, that disappeared so silent, but it was quite hard time. Now I can tell you in short why I couldnt post so often...Well, first of all there was a big movement, to another place...now our family has a new home. There was of course a lot to do- to pack, to unpack, to settle down, etc. And the second thing which is the most important is....Karolina got her little sister - Nicole, who will be featured in the blog soon as well, I guess-)))

Anyway during this time I managed to make some photos and notes for myself to remember what kind of crafts or other activities we had done. And I am going to share it with you little by little...