Easter Party Review

Hey Hey Hey!!!Easter Holiday is over but still memories are fresh. And lots of impressions ...We had a really big day which started from a nicely decorated and quiet breakfast part and then was quickly changed into a loud and vivid part, full of kids and their parents.

My friends and I decided to make a kind of mini role play for our children with their participation in games and then Egg hunting.
So, do you remember that Bunny mask which I told about before? It was just the beginning of my costume, the next day I made the rest- with a hot glue gun I stuck the cotton balls to the paint suit. At this time my friend Olga prepared wonderful Papier Mache Masks of the Fox and the Duck. All of these three characters were playing with kids where the Bunny was a brother of Easter Bunny, the Duck was his friend and the Fox made always jokes with two of them and stole Bunny's tail.
The idea was to find the tail as soon as possible together with the sweets which were hidden by Easter Bunny. All instructions were given on the carrots with tasks which were spread around the garden, after finishing with which kids could finally find the chocolate eggs. In the tasks there were different games, like:
- bringing eggs on the spoon from one place to another
- making bunny masks and jumping like the rabbit
- a game where the fox must catch one of the bunnies
- a bunny train
- singing songs about bunnies in the train and jumping, etc

As a suprise there was a big Pinata Egg on the tree full of sweets and....the Fox hid the tail there as well. Everybody was happy as they got what they wanted and the celebration continued.

I hope you had also nice time and memories from that big day are bright and colourful-))))
mum of Karolina,
Ladi Di

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