A game for your toddler with a pocket lamp

One day Karolina was going out from bedroom and saw a pocket lamp on the table which we had used for some reasons and forgot to put it back. Karolina paid attention to this yellow-black new item and asked me to give it to her, what I actually did. She was exploring the lamp with great enthusiasm, looking at it from all sides, and THEN SHE FOUND A BUTTON... So, as you can guess I had to switch it on, otherwise Karolina would do it and it could be worse-)

Here Karolina’s face changed and there was a big surprise in her eyes which said: “What’s that? So small and has light?”. About 5 minutes my daughter was occupied not even remembering about me, that I could continue doing my things. Later when she understood how it works, it became already not so exciting and she came to me with a question in her eyes if we can do anything else together. And here came the idea. 

I remembered how much we loved to play in shadows with a pocket lamp in our camp when I was a small girl. It had brought us so much joy. And here I decided to make such kind of experience with my little explorer- professor. I call Karolina sometimes like that: “Ohhh…professor is going to check it now” because she has such a serious face sometimes when she is interested in doing something or watching how someone else is doing this or that thing. It looks really funny when I assemble let’s say a toy for Karolina (kitchen or anything else which demands really mental work) and Karolina stays beside with the same expression of the face like me as if she knows how to help a mummy, only needs time to think-)))
So, I showed my toddler how you can play with the lamp, just dropping light on the wall and then simply with a hand in front you make different animals or figures. Karolina was laughing from it and asked for more and more entertainment. Moreover, I made voices for animals, what reminded a movie in black and white colours. It was a nice time spent together.

About 4 months passed since our first experience like that and Karolina still remembers that game. Today she saw a pocket lamp and asked me again to give it to her though she was playing already without my help, trying to make something herself (what was also funny to see because she made it only in front of the light of the lamp but not showing on the wall, plus voicing her favourite animal cat as if she saw it there). This time Karolina needed only audience-)))
something what reminds a dog-)))just don't forget to voice it-)

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