Homemade cake vs Cake from the Bakery

Yesterday we had a nice Lazy Day which was on the other side quite "productive". How can it be, you will ask?! Hm...the thing is that we spent the whole day in the kitchen making experiments and improving our skills in cooking and baking as rainy weather didn't allow us to go out. Slowly Tempo, enjoying the time within the family circle.
So, we chose to bake our first BEE STING Cake  ever and after 3 hours we GOT IT!!! A little bit before the "Masterpiece" was ready, we had called to our friends and invited them to us. 

Waiting for the guests...whipping the cream last minutes, putting the cake in the fridge to let it get cooled before serving....and Binggggg Bonggggggg...Our Guests are coming with....a CAKE too-))) and what kind of cake????? BEE STING Cake......lol

Yeah, our afternoon coffee time was reminding kind of cake degustation and comparison. So, we collected all points to this or that cake and on the Ring with a battle HOMEMADE CAKE Vs. Bakery Cake...we chose ours as the Winner
it was of course Fresh, soft, not sooo sweet and crispier.

I hope you had a nice weekend too-)))

Mum of Karolina
Ladi Di

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