Orange craft, Fruity project

So, after our watermelon craft we continued the project with learning "fruit words" through creating them from different materials. This time it was a turn of ORANGE, which I mentioned about in my previous post. As Karolina started to pronounce this word in Russian as "A-S-I-S-I-N" or "A-E-S-I-N" instead of  correct variant  "A-P-E-L-S-I-N" , we must learn it and repeat all the time.

This craft is very easy, doesn't take so much time and usually you cannot make anything with your toddler for long. That's why using only paper, scissors and a pen, your toddler can get a juicy orange which will raise mood up (it is proved that orange colour stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, and its driving characteristic is curiosity).

What you need:
- orange and white pieces of paper
- a pen
- scissors
- glue stick

How you do it:
- cut out 1 big circle from orange coloured paper and a smaller one from white piece of paper.
- cut 6 or 8 triangles from orange piece of paper
- glue white circle over the orange one
- glue orange triangles one by one over white circle.

In this craft activity you can also repeat names of shapes and colours what we actually did with Karolina during our work.

Now our 2 fruit decorate our fridge in the kitchen. Karolina smiles and points at them every time when comes inside and sees them.  So at the moment, I must look for more space on our fridge for next crafted fruit =))))