Easter chick, peep peep-))) Easter craft with handprint

It is already a long time when everybody makes different craft works for Easter. We are not the exception=) Unfortunately, didn't have time to post as garden demands a lot of attention,lol-))) So let's start...

This Easter chick which we made was the first one  apart from egg decorating, postcards and other crafts.
You need:
1) cardboard of yellow, orange, red colour
2) googly eyes
3) finger paints or other paints you have for craft
4) some decoartive elements as feathers, crepe paper, etc
5) scissors, glue

- First Karolina cut out 2 circles from yellow paper and stuck one to another.
 - After that we made a hand print of her on orange paper (for chicken wings) and a print of 3 fingers (for chicken legs).
- Cut out them and stuck to the body.
- Googly eyes and chicken beak are glued as well.
- The best part is decoration: we stuck feather of different colours, and bow to the neck. Your variant can be different. Make it beautiful with what you like-)

and TA-DA...

 Cute and a good memory of Karolina's little hands! Can be a nice present for grandparents or friends-)
As it was Karolina's first Easter craft this year, she wanted to leave it by her (Actually she begins always with intention to give her "masterpiece" to someone, but after she sees the result, most of the times she wants to have it in her playroom-)))). Now it is on our fridge...

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