Caterpillar activity for toddlers

Tomorrow is the last day of the summer already. Time goes so fast. And almost all days we spent outside with Karolina, playing with the sand or sea water, swimming, building sand castles or sth what reminds castles-))), etc. And not so much time we did craft things which I, honestly speaking, missed. 

Today we had to spend time at home, waiting for a visit, and meanwhile not to get bored we opened our treasure box with all materials for crafts and looked what we had there. It turned out ...we had a lot-)))) since the last purchase was just before summer began.

In July I was in a kindergarten in Germany where a Summer Festival took place. So, the idea of our craft work today I saw there - colourful caterpillars which kids made themselves as a part of their perfomance during singing. I liked them so much that today it was clear for me what we will do with my daughter.

What do you need:

1) kitchen tissue roll
2) green paper (or several colours as you wish) and 2 pieces of cardboard
3) pompoms
4) googly eyes
5) pipe cleaners
6) glue, scissors

How you should do it:

1) You glue the roll and wrap the paper around. Don't forget to glue the paper as well, as it must sit fixed. You can make several colours, just what you imagination tells you=)))

2) Make 6 (or 8 ) holes in the roll with scissors where you can put in the pipe cleaners as the legs of the caterpillar. be sure that the holes are on the same level and big enough that it will take not so much time.

3) Take 2 pieces of green cardboard which play the role of tentacles of caterpillar and stick them from inside of the roll on its place.

4) Stick googly eyes, and a nose from pompom. You can also decorate the caterpillar with pompoms around the head that it looks funnier.

 5) The last step is alternative. If you want you can use a plastic stick as a holder of  the caterpillar. We stuck it, but later Karolina took it away. 


As I didn't do with Karolina such things long time I can see what a big step she did in her development. She holds more sure the glue stick and works with it, she knows what to do when I tell her to glue some parts and right now she is rather fancy about cutting the paper with scissors what she didn't do before. Of course it is just the beginning but I think in a short time she will do it very well-)))

P.S.  3 hours later Karolina took out all pompoms from the caterpillar, its eyes and nose. So...I think it is very useful-)))we can reuse them for more craft works-)))

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