DIY Easy and Creative Easter Wreath

In this post I would like to share with you with a wreath which I created myself for Easter 3 days ago.  It is very easy to do, cheap by supply materials (I guess all together about maximum 5 euro) and within 15 minutes it was ready to be hanged up.

You will need:
1)a cardboard
2) scissors, glue, hot glue gun
3) some fabric
4) decor elements

I didn't use this time a styropor ring for my idea as I wanted to make it from really simple things which are not so costy. That is why I cut out a ring with diameter of 30 cm (outside) and some eggs.
Then I wind it with a piece of fabric. I choose feltband of a yellow colour, size: 7,5*200cm. Just glue the beginning of it and then twist it. Fix the end of the band as well with a glue. 
 For eggs I took old clothes from the baby and cut out some squares to cover them with fabric.
After that I made a kind of compostition on the wreath which I like and stick them with a hot glue gun. All in all it looks cute and with memories.

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