Rainbow craft, motoric skills,activity with colours

Today on our way to the nursery Karolina and I saw a huge rainbow. So bright, and so close. At the beginning it was from one side of the car windows, then we turned and it was just opposite us. We were driving towards the rainbow. It impressed Karolina a lot and she remembered how one of her favourite cartoon characters Minnie Mouse was talking about rainbow. Karolina has a book about it as well and the thematic of her 2nd birthday was just about Minnie's rainbow colours (with balloons). So, my little gem was laughing the whole way and speaking sth on her own language as I understood it was kind of her description of it.

All what's happened insipired me today for one craft work with Karolina. We decided to make our rainbow, improving knowledge in colours and motoric skills while working with scissors and scotch band.

I prepared example in advance that she could see what we were going to do. And by that sample I asked her to repeat which colours are in rainbow and to find them from the majority we have.

For this craft we needed:
1) blue card board (for the sky)
2) cotton balls (for clouds)
3) pipe cleaners of different colours
4) scissors, glue, scotch band

First Karolina glued the surface of the cardboard to stick the cotton balls.

Then she chose pipe cleaners of each colour in a correct order, and started to stick them with a scotch band. Here it was the most exciting part for her to cut the band and then to stick it.

After she finished with pipe cleaners, she decided to put additional clouds around... as didn't want to finish the craft-)))
And here is the result of a hard work
Looks a little bit abstract but very cute, I guess. And what do you think???

Thank you for reading:-) Stay with us...