Easter preparations

Few days are left before Easter and lots of things must be done yet. Preparations are in the process...I am working at my Easter Bunny costume as we plan to make a kind of mini-show for our kids where I will play the Bunny. The mask was made today...

Here you can see also some things which we created or prepared as our Easter Decor.
    This year I planed to paint the real eggs after they must be blown out. However the plan didn't work. I guess I didn't have enough power, lol. Neither had Karolina. So, we decorated styropor eggs and hung them on the bush.
      We found as well a very nice Easter craft block where all you need is to cut out the template and do what is written in instruction. You can see the pic above with some chicks and chicken as an example.
       Karolina likes preparing garlands. Ours is made from Easter symbols or some thematical characters.

24....24 of them....painted eggs on a cardboard. Karolina had fun to work with acrylic paints, preparing the background. I was responsible for the print. Anyway, the band through the hole was managed by both of us, where I should say "WOW, Karolina, you were sooooo patient!". She was fighting till the end till she got the thread from the other side of the hole-))) So, these eggs will be hung up a day before, as it is a part of decor exactly for the holiday day.
The basket for Egg Hunting was decorated by me together with the bunny mask today. I stuck different attributes of Easter from all sides of the basket and added a ribbon of red colour. Karolina loves it. 
   So, I have couple of days to finish the rest.  And what do you prepare for the Easter Holiday?
mum of Karolina
Ladi Di

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