Sweet Easter Greeting from Karolina to neighbours

  At last Easter Holiday came last Sunday and everybody usually celebrates this Great Holiday with Family. As we are new here in Cyprus, and all our families from both sides live in other places, our neighbours and friends became our family now. It is so nice to know that someone waits for you, is interested in your life and happy for you, when you have good news, or helps you, when you in a trouble.
  Moreover, it is very sweet to see how these people treat my child, how they play with her, and I know that they like her a lot and she is friendly and smiley in reply to them.
  It was a good mood by both of us with Karolina on Saturday and we decided to make sth pleasant for our neighbours in honour of coming Easter. I asked Karolina if she wants to make muffins with me and she nodded her head, saying "Da!!!", which means yes in Russian language. May be she didn't realise till the end what exactly her mums wants from her but I'm sure that she is always happy to annything together with me. So, that day my baby was the Chef in our Kitchen-)))
Take a look how it was:
At first we put butter and eggs in the bowl and then the turn of sugar came...Oh...Oh...

Karolina helps me to put sugar in the bowl, though it is almost inside...lets say beside-)))

After she realizes that the sugar stayed on her hands which was rather sweet

The time of flour came and here without help of mum it would be vere heavy and difficult to put it herself

That is really fun time when baby must use teh fingers in their work...like painting she spreads the butter...

ooops...new consistence on the hand...sth sticky

the Best time started...decorations which were everywhere including mouth of Karolina

the result of our work

We congratulated our neighbours with Easter and it was the greatest appreciation to see their smile and thankful expression of the face, sweet words especially after they found out who was preparing muffins-)))

P.S. the post is a little bit delayed because that day was full of prepations whereas the next - with celebrations. Anyway, today is Monday after Easter and I wish everyone Happy Easter Holidays!!!

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