What can you do with your kid at the age of 12-18 months

From the age of 12 months Karolina likes to do more and more different things as she learns something new, discovers something inetersting, explores something unusual and suprising for her. However her favourite things to do stay still unchangeable. She likes looking through the books, pages with pictures, or she likes to get in a basket or a box,or a suitcase from papa, to sit there and to go out from this, which repeats about 20times and can take about half an hour. Then she will add together some toys there, different items, newspapers- everything she sees around or what catches her attention. But what she enjoys most of all is when we play together in following things:
She loves  PLAY DOH, though right now it is functioning not like it must be but it is never early to know and learn new materials, see that you can do sth from this dough (of course with the help of mum and under her control) and then being suprised how it was made, plus recognizing the figures of animals or other objects (like star, for example, she knows where she can show other stars in the house which hang on the wall).

We started to play wooden puzzle around 12 months, when Karolina only showed me which animal it was or where it must be. 5 months later she already plays this big puzzle (where around 30 items), not only answering on my "WHERE IS?" question, but also inserting them to the correct place. Moreover, she learnt already how to turn them, of course not always it is successful (since it is still difficult for this age to understand such kind of orientation of objects in space) and she asks me to help her. But what wonderful is that she remembers where the puzzle must be. 


PUZZLE from 2 parts
Right now Karolina can find both parts of each animal, voicing them at the same time, and tries to put them together, the only problem is that she makes it like with LEGO in the air, and doesnt understand how it works when we must do it on the table, floor or sofa.  I believe it will take not so much time as she already makes it 1 month and with such result.

***Puzzles from 3 parts are already waiting for their minute, they stay on the shelf and waiting...waiting...waiting...Must think when Karolina will be ready


Karolina enjoys painting. She likes to do it with pencils, or with finger paints, or with WATER and BRUSH. There is a special colouring book which allows kids to paint with just water. It is safe, inetersting (because the colours are changing at once after the baby touches it with a brush) and less problems for mum later to wash furniture or walls from finger painting, lol :-)

Of course I didn't open America with these things, they are not new, but anyway I wanted to share it with other mummies because I find all these things  educational,entertaining, developing and making lots of fun and smile on the face of kid. You can do it every day and make it various.

Share what else do you do with your toddler?

P.S. I already prepared for Karolina other developing games which I will write about later, after we start doing it.

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  1. Its so nice to read this story about Karolina. It seens to me I can enjoy..