Footprint activity - Giraffe craft

Last Sunday we did a very "tickling" craft with Karolina - picture of Giraffe from her foot print (actually we draw her foot on the paper around, cut it out and it was a face of Giraffe). Karolina likes this animal a lot but here she  liked more the we did it as it was really tickling.

What you need for this craft:
- cardboard of different colours (yellow, brown, green, blue)
- glue, scissors
- googly eyes, pom poms
- pencil, pen

How you do it:
- Draw the outline of your kid's foot on a yellow cardboard. Cut it out. This footprint is the main basis of the giraffes picture. Glue it to the paper.
- Cut out a neck of the giraffe from the same paper and stick it under the head.

- Stick googly eyes, ears, and horns of giraffe.
- Stick pom poms over the horns to decorate it brighter.
-Cut out a fence from brown cardboard. Stick it.

- Cut out the grass shape from green cardboard, and glue it to places you like not to make giraffe feel lonely there.
- You can also decorate your picture with a cloud over the giraffe to show how tall he is-)))

This time our roles with Karolina were separated from the beginning. I was responsible for cutting out and she - for sticking everything to correct place. Later we draw spots on our Giraffe to make him more realistic and our fence was finsihed with lines. Actually here you can see Karolina's masterpiece as well-)))

As I told my little one liked a lot the moment when I drew outline of her foot, so she continued doing it herself after what all her right foot was in her own pattern-)))

Bird in the nest - autumn craft

The day before yesterday when we were on the back yard with Karolina, we heard how lots of sparrows were singing,sitting on the palm tree of our neighbours. I asked her if she wanted to make her own bird in the nest and got as usual a positive answer to my question.
Karolina loves doing creative stuff with me-)))

We did 2 birds, where one belongs to me, and the other one is Karolina's. We were sitting comfortable on our terrace under sparrows singing and had really great time. 

Here are our "birdies" in their colourful nests:

Materials you need:
- paper of different colours
- paper plate
-glue, scissors
- feathers, pipe cleaners for decoration
- a pen

How you need to do it:
1) Cut out a bird from brown paper .
2) Glue it to the plate.

3) Stick the feather or two to the bird as you wish, just to make it look more colourful

4) Cut out half-round shape from another colour paper  and glue it over the bird. It will close somehow the nest.

5) Cut short pieces of pipe cleaners, bend it and put it into the nest as a decorative detail.
6) Cut out leaves of yellow and red/orage colour paper and stick them to the nest- to make the feeling of autumn more realistic.

All these steps I did with my bird and Karolina was creating her own bird sitting next to me and now we have a mother-bird and a baby bird in our collection-)))

Hope you will enjoy not only singing of birds but  creating your own one as well!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Play-doh and pasta activity: what can be simpler?

Oh, yeah...more than a month passed since the last post, though time  flew very fast for me. We were in a trip with my daughter, went to New York, and of course every day was full of sightseeing and not only-)))  (about what i want to share with you later).

When we came back home Karolina was the happiest one from two of us, I guess, as I was very tired after 2 flights with a break in 2 days in Germany and the last flight to sunny Cyprus was very late and I hoped that Karolina would sleep but she didn't think so. Thats why I was like a squeezed lemon and she was rather fit. As I opened the door, Karolina rushed to her toys and here I have 2 versions why it could be like that :whether she missed them a lot...or she was just happy to have so many toys and at once.

The next day I even didnt listen my girl who was very busy playing with everything (I actually felt how i miss her as she is usually all the time by me, in the same room, and involved in what I am doing...and here....SILENCE). I already managed to do house keeping, checking from time to time in which box my darling is now. At last she opened the shelf where her puzzles and play-doh were. She asked me to open play-doh and to make a ball. At the same time I cooked pasta and was thinking it would be nice for Karolina to combine 2 things together. I remembered how I read a post (about learning benefits for playing with play-doh)  from one of my favourite blogs I follow and brought her some pasta to create anything she liked.

Here is what we did with her:

Of course it is not a big masterpiece but it was very sweet to see how she helps me in creating these creatures. Of course one of them you can guess: a hedgehog, i hope it looks like real one, lol =).  The rest are work for imagination.  Some good ideas you can find also in that post I mentioned above.

Enjoy your pasta=))))!!!