Footprint activity - Giraffe craft

Last Sunday we did a very "tickling" craft with Karolina - picture of Giraffe from her foot print (actually we draw her foot on the paper around, cut it out and it was a face of Giraffe). Karolina likes this animal a lot but here she  liked more the we did it as it was really tickling.

What you need for this craft:
- cardboard of different colours (yellow, brown, green, blue)
- glue, scissors
- googly eyes, pom poms
- pencil, pen

How you do it:
- Draw the outline of your kid's foot on a yellow cardboard. Cut it out. This footprint is the main basis of the giraffes picture. Glue it to the paper.
- Cut out a neck of the giraffe from the same paper and stick it under the head.

- Stick googly eyes, ears, and horns of giraffe.
- Stick pom poms over the horns to decorate it brighter.
-Cut out a fence from brown cardboard. Stick it.

- Cut out the grass shape from green cardboard, and glue it to places you like not to make giraffe feel lonely there.
- You can also decorate your picture with a cloud over the giraffe to show how tall he is-)))

This time our roles with Karolina were separated from the beginning. I was responsible for cutting out and she - for sticking everything to correct place. Later we draw spots on our Giraffe to make him more realistic and our fence was finsihed with lines. Actually here you can see Karolina's masterpiece as well-)))

As I told my little one liked a lot the moment when I drew outline of her foot, so she continued doing it herself after what all her right foot was in her own pattern-)))

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