DIY sand at home for your little one, mummy-time

The weather doesn't welcome us now at all. Quite chilly, quite fresh, quite wet. Karolina asks me every time to go to playground when we pass it by. And I have to find again everytime a new explanation for her why it is not possible. Just the answer "it is too cold" doesn't satisfy my toddler already. She doesn't stop her question WHY and it continues, it seems to me, ages...

So, to make these dull days brighter I allow her to put on sometimes her swimming suit with Hello, Kitty! and then she plays in swimming pool with her toys, using a basket for that.  And I made for her sand a time ago, when the sun stopped appearing often here remind a little bit about those nice days.

I should say, It was fun and brought lot of Joy to Karolina. I didn't listen her for about an hour, so much made it her occupied.
All you need for your mummy-hour-time is 4 glasses of flour and 1 glass of baby oil and mix it....The consistence is nice and so is the smell.

It was once, I will tell you honestly, may be later I will do it again, but for now I must take rest from that hard work with vacuum cleaner, lol-)))

Anyway, I am happy that Karolina enjoyed it, it was quite useful for her motorics as well. And it was sth different from days full with crafts, which I will post later as now it is hot time to make postcards or presents for everyone-)))

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