My little BIG helper in the kitchen. What makes a toddler busy?

Karolina likes to play a pretend game "Cinderella", where she must tidy up things, toys, dishes, clothes and etc. Of course it works when she is in a very good mood or when she wants that her room - or her palace- will look like by the princess, or by fairy- clean and tidy.

As other kids Karolina loves to help as well with washing clothes, putting them into the washing machine, taking out spoons, forks, knives from the dishwasher and sortirising them in the place they belong to.It makes her really occupied. And she loves helping with cooking and working with all kitchen utensils.
Karolina is helping with preparing Pelmeni, russian meal

One of her favourite one is combiner or mixer or blender. Like today we made a banana-milk shake where Karolina was the chef cook. She knows already what she needs and how to make it-)))
Karolina can cut a banana with a child knife and put it in a correct way from the chopboard into the blender
I was proud of my little BIG helper today and her milk shake was really delicious-)))
And what does your toddler already cook???

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