Foil SNOWBALLS activity

Winter crafts do not stop...It brings so much fun and joy to Karolina. Especially she likes when we need to decorate sth, like it was with Xmas decorations for the flat. She wanted to hang all lights only in her room. Everytime she took out anything from the box, what she found more beautiful, she said immediately: "Mummy, let's hang it there as well...", adding "I will do it myself..."

Yeah, this year is really different, Karolina's understanding and expectations of Holidays make it more interesting for us as parents. I love New Year and Xmas but with Karolina I feel it even more.

Her dad promised her to make a snowman as soon as the snow will come...So, Karolina is waiting and meanwhile, like today for example, we played with her fake snowballs....which were made from the alu foil.

We made a shape of balls, and the main idea of snowballs games was the following:
1) to make them, which is good for motoric skills
2) to count them
3) to compare them by size
4) to throw them into each other, pretend play with snowballs
5) to throw them into a bowl or basket
6) to take them with chinese sticks and put in the bowl (which was quite difficult when she did it from the floor, thats why  a TIPP: let the child do it from the table, on the same high level) - for motoric skills

Time is for bed already. It is quite warm in the flat, but our snowballs will wait for us till tomorrow, to play again. 
Take care and don't get cold-)))

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