Attention!!!Toes are playing!

Today Karolina continued to play with her snowballs. In the morning before changing her pygama, Karolina decided to use her bare feet and play with her toes, taking a foil snowball and put it into a basket like we had done before with the pebbles.  It makes her laugh every time-)))

I remember how it's happened the first time - tickling feeling, new experience, exciting activity. I told her: "Try to be a monkey and do like they do". Showing to Karolina how to move the pebbles helped her to get the idea at once-)))and plus the pebbles makes such a nice sound ...

That was not only fun, but also a good thing for motor skills. Her first glass pebble was not taken up so succesfully like she was thinking but at the end she managed it very well.
So, play monkeys and don't forget to eat banana after that-)!
P.S. for developing motor skills you can also take a towel with your toes from one side and your child from the other side and try to pull it,  it is such a joy!!!

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