Christmas crafts 2013

Some days are left before Christmas and New Year 2014. As I already mentioned before preparations with Karolina this year were amazing and here are the crafts which we made with her:

So, as you can see we made a big family of Reindeers-) Karolina wanted to make the family which consists of mum, dad and 2 kids like by us. She gave them even our names-))) and that one which is with a bow - is of course our Karolina.

This 3D Christmas tree craft was done for Karolina's great grandfather which she decorated again with her favourite Minnie Mouse image. She also added some decorations in different geometric forms as we repeat them again. So this tree is already in the envelope somewhere on the way to her greatgrandfather.

And this snowman which was made from cotton discs and xmas tree was a present for her grandmom. It is together with 3D tree travelling to its final destination.

We also made some decoration from pipe cleaners and this craft was inspired by Martha Stewart. Now the hang on the lamp and some go to our Xmas tree.  

An angel appeared in our decor as well. It was her handprint angel activity where the face we tried to pain together, with supervision of mum of course.

One of the longest mini Christmas projects was to make a girlanda from Xmas associations of Karolina and her cousine.
And of the last but not the least crafts was again a Christmas tree but already done in another way:

So, this is a little summary of our productive work with my little girl and now we are going to decorate our Christmas tree. We wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

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