DIY shoes for a doll

Karolina has 3 dolls which she loves most of all. She plays with all of them, from time to time she goes to bed with the biggest doll, or dresses her up in clothes of her younger sister (what i allow to do already-)))), the other day she takes her little doll (which stays on place number 1 anyway, she calls it "Pupsik" (u like in the word "moon"), using a russian word for that) in her bed or in kindergarten. Actually this Pupsik travelled around the world, already without one leg, which i stick on hot glue million times, lol...

Anyway, when I have time i try to do sth for her beloved dolls- sth to knit, sth to sew, and the last time I tried to make shoes for her biggest doll. Karolina was sitting next to me and wanted all the time to be in the middle of the process, though it was quite dangerous as i used hot glue. However, later when we started to colour the shoes she helped me quite good-)))

So, you need not so much:
1) cardboard
3) hot glue, as the white glue will not be enough to hold the cardboard in the shape of a shoe
4) scissors
5) paints,brush
6) string
7) your favourite doll
and in the pictures you can see how to make the shoes.

What I would like to think about is to make holes for the string before you paint the shoes in order not to spoil the colour-)))
Ok, have fun, and let me know how successful it was-)))

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