Painting afternoon- a doll with Karolina's height in 1m

One afternoon we made a playdate for our kids and the idea behind was to create a doll or a princess, or a ballerina with a height of a child. My karolina chose a doll.

So, we roll out a paper, and asked a child to lie down in order to be drawn around. 

After that we offered them to colour it and make some dresses or skirts, accessories, in one word - everything what they want their dolls to be dressed up with.

My Karolina was quite creative with a choice of colours for doll's skin-))) but anyway, it was very nice experience for girls.

After that they continued painting and this is the result of their activity:

After that playdate Karolina was sooooooooo exhausted that hardly could she go till her bed. So, dear mummies, i recommend you to do the same to have your time after that-)))

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