A short note, sorry for disappearing!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello-))) I am glad to be here again...It seems I haven't written for ages...Yeah, lots of things have happened in our life since my last post. Sorry, that disappeared so silent, but it was quite hard time. Now I can tell you in short why I couldnt post so often...Well, first of all there was a big movement, to another place...now our family has a new home. There was of course a lot to do- to pack, to unpack, to settle down, etc. And the second thing which is the most important is....Karolina got her little sister - Nicole, who will be featured in the blog soon as well, I guess-)))

Anyway during this time I managed to make some photos and notes for myself to remember what kind of crafts or other activities we had done. And I am going to share it with you little by little...

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