Weather craft - Umbrellas

Winter in Cyprus is quite rainy, and when you dream about snow you must go somewhere else to see it. Of course there are some places in mountains here but it is not that much of it. Today there was again rain. With thunderstorm. Karolina likes to listen to the sound of rain and sometimes she walks with umbreally around the house pretending that she is under the rain. At the beginning she was scared of the thunder but I can say that having lived here for a while, she already got used to it. I also tried to explain her that when the clouds meet each other they make this noise BOOM! Especially when clouds are huge, it can be rather strong. Now it is a kind of game for her as well to listen how "clouds meet".

Staying at home in this weather, the best thing is to make again something creative. So we made our own umbrellas with my little one.

For that we needed:
1) paper cupcakes cups
2) pipe cleaners (straws)
3) sticky band
4) glue
5) a sheet of paper

First of all I showed Karolina how to fold the cupcake cup to get the shape of umbrella.

Then we took a pipe cleaner and stuck it with a band.
After that  Karolina glued the cupcake cup inside that it cannot open. And she stuck umbrellas to the paper.

Finally Karolina drew some rain drops which changed into heavy rain-)))

"...on the west we have some showers! Please, don't forget your umbrellas today"

Hope tomorrow we will see sun again but sometimes rain can be also fun=)))

Wish you sunny weather. Thank you for reading-)))

P.S. Karolina was trying to sing today a song which I guess they were learning at the nursery and were singing it today too. Here is the link to youtube video RAIN-RAIN, Go AWAY!

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