Valentine's Day craft- Footprint heart

Today, on Holiday of Love, our papa is away from us and we miss him a loooooot. That is why we decided to make a present for him for Valentine's Day and tell him again HOW MUCH WE LOVE HIM!!!

This Footprint heart is a simple and very nice craft - suprise which both of us enjoyed a lot, especially Karolina.  Just I told her if she was interested to make a present for papa, she said immediately JA!!!

What we needed: 
1) red and white cardboard
2) decorations 
3) glue
4) scissors, red pencil

First, we drew her feet on red cardboard, and changed it a little bit into shape of heart at bottom. Then we glued it to the white cardboard.
After that the most exciting part with decorating started: stones in shape of heart,oval, square, glitter stickers - flowers.
At the end I took Karolina's hand and we wrote the words Papa, I love you! our little star found it funny and smiled during the whole process of writing.

              Papa, this heart is waiting for you at home. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. this footprint you can also make with paints. And you can learn shapes with your toddler doing this activity: heart, circle, flower, square...

I hope you like our craft for Valentine's Day and I wish you all that your life is full of Love-)))

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