Play-doh people activity

Today Karolina and I did something very interesting: we created our own play-doh people. This idea I saw on one of my favourite websites where Jelly Play Dough Critters were main characters of the post. You can also read there learning benefits of playing with play doh. But here you can see the result of our work and fantasy...

What we used:
1) play-doh
2) different things from craft sets (googly eyes, foam-glitter flowers, pipe-cleaners, feathers, etc)

You don't need so much for this activity, the only what is necessary- IMAGINATION!!!and never be scared to make something funny or even silly. For kids it doesn't exist. They like to create and they see much more than we think.

So, we took pieces of play-doh, made various shapes from it: balls, cyllinder, square, triangle (Here I should excuse ourselves if in final picture you will see other shapes, karolina had too much power when stuck in sth to the play-doh body).

Then we added eyes, flowers, feather, pipe cleaners as hair of people - just like we wished.

 And here is our company of strange play-doh people...
We didn't think about their names yet...but may be another time-)))
What was also good is that we trained counting numbers from 1 to 5 with Karolina in this activity:how many feathers or hair has this or that play-doh person.

Try to guess which one was created by me? lol...

Thank you for reading.

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