Birthday party preparations

     Last week my little girl turned two! Time passed very fast...I didn't expect it even. With all preparations which I started before the BIG day, it seemed to me double fast. From the beginning I knew which theme for the birthday party I would choose, the only thing was how to combime it together - Minnie Mouse character (one of Karolina's favourite one) and balloons (which makes fun for toddlers always). So, I decided to make Minnie's Rainbow Balloons Party which includes both parts I was thinking about.

Actually in this post I would like to share  some ideas with you which I used for decorating the party. Some items were bought in the shops, and some were made by myself.
1. The Invitations:

I found Minnie Mouse silhouette in internet, cut it out from the black cardboard, stuck the pink bow- one of the main accessories of Minnie, wrote text on a white cardboard and voila. I chose Walt Disney font for the text and left the name of the party to be coloured with rainbow colours. 

2. Garlandas
From cardboard of different colours (which exist in rainbow) I cut out the flags and hung them on the thread, decorating with Minnie Mouse or Daisy image stickers, and with some phrases
3. Pinata

One of the  entertainment of the party was Pinata which i decided to make myself as well. I should say it was a big fun to make it and then to break it with the kids (I did it quite strong, I guess, and our plastic hammer was broken first, lol. But anyway, we got sweets from it, you can try to guess how). I realised it is very simple to make pinata, but it takes really lots of time. So, if you decide to do it, you need to have 1 week minimum. The steps how to make pinata you can read in the next post.  
4. Meeska, Mooska, Mousketeers... 

  The idea with these words which almost every child knows from the cartoon (at least the first two words) I took from one post about Minnie Mouse Birthday Party and actually which I found very interesting. I like that from the beginning and the very entrance of the building our guests can catch the atmosphere and spirit of the party and it was kind of "welcoming part".

5. Balloons decoration

As the one of main topics of the party were balloons, we decided to make it full with balloons in all meanings-))) We found videos in You Tube how to twist balloons, how to make dogs (which we gave to each little guest when he/she came), flowers and rainbow (as a table decoration) from them, or balloon colomn, and enjoyed prepation time a loooooooooooot. My husband was very operative and skillfull to twist balloons, make knots, and again twist-))) After the 5th dog we already understood how to choose length of dog legs to make them not tooo long or toooo short, lol. With the colomn we worked in different ways but both were stable more or less till the end of the party, even after children were jumping on them like in bouncy castles-)))
6. Food name cards

I managed to make small cards for the name of the food with decorated with stickers of Minnie Mouse, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto or Goofy. It looked quite sweet.

7. Table decoractions
I wanted to make tables very bright, that kids could really enjoy the colours of the party, its yellow, red, green or blue colours. And additional to rainbow balloons I put Minnie's theme there as well: each set of fork and spoon was wrapped in a napkin with a ring around where Minnie Mouse welcomed them.

  But not only decorations were the main part of prepations. We had a great entertainment, a great Party show on our celebration.

Catherine Beger - a mum and an artist- knew exactly what to choose for Karolina's birthday. She prepared a very nice story "Good night, Minnie" which caught all attention from our guests.  Party girl liked it a looooooot. The perfomance was done wonderful, and the way Catherine plays is amazing. Kids love her!!!I definetely want to recommend Catherine for your child's birthday party. Here is the link to her Facebook page, if you live in Cyprus, then you are lucky to try it-)))

And of course kids birthday party cannot be complete without sweets...
My friend Kateryna created a rainbow castle cake in honour of Karolina's birthday, which everybody was impressed by. The sizes and idea of it were great!!!! and it was verrrrrrrrrrrrry delicious!!!!!!!! Kateryna is a real magician for such kind of things, her page in Facebook even called like that: Sweet Magic. Try her magic, and you will fall in love with it-)))

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