Pinata- How to..- Minnie's Mouse Birthday Party

As I told before to make a pinata is a lot of fun, and joy from creativity process, it is not so difficult to do but it takes lots of time...
So, to make it shorter I will start my post from the...

- MATERIALS, I used to create the Minnie Mouse's Bow Pinata
- Hard cardboard (box from toys, nappies, etc)
- crepe paper
- tape
- scissors
- glue


1) I drew a shape of bow on the cardboard (2 pcs), cut it out.
2) Then I cut out the stripes from the same cardboard, not so wide, and bond, rubbed them along the edge of the table, in order to make them more pliable. These stripes must be not hard and go well along the main cardboard in the shape of bow.

3) Attaching these stripes, one side at a time, I taped them around the main part. Tip: don't stick tape too close, piece after piece, leave some space, that kids could break pinata without difficulty. Here I did 2 holes and put in kind of key rings that later we could use ribbon to knot it. Then I finished attaching  the other side of pinata with a stripe and left a small hole, which let me fill in pinata with sweets.

4)  I glued the surface of the bow cardboard and covered it with crepe paper (if you have tissue paper of the same colour, it could be a better variant as stamps from glue would be not so visible).  Then i did the same with side of the bow, here put 2 layers. After I covered the entire surface of the bow again with a crepe paper to avoid stamps of glue.

5) Each part was getting drying rather long time, as crepe paper is very thin and absorbs glue easily. Being assured that its dry, i continued with the most interesting for me part...

 6) I was covering the pinata with spiral  of the same crepe paper. Started from the edges, going slowly to the centre of the bow, then I made small "polka dots" from crepe paper of other colour (to make it a little bit more colourful and not monotonous). When one layer is done, I went on with  the next one, overlapping it a little bit.
And here is the result of the work:
There are different variants of how to make pinata, I hope you liked mine and would be glad to read your comments if you do -)))

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