Bird in the nest - autumn craft

The day before yesterday when we were on the back yard with Karolina, we heard how lots of sparrows were singing,sitting on the palm tree of our neighbours. I asked her if she wanted to make her own bird in the nest and got as usual a positive answer to my question.
Karolina loves doing creative stuff with me-)))

We did 2 birds, where one belongs to me, and the other one is Karolina's. We were sitting comfortable on our terrace under sparrows singing and had really great time. 

Here are our "birdies" in their colourful nests:

Materials you need:
- paper of different colours
- paper plate
-glue, scissors
- feathers, pipe cleaners for decoration
- a pen

How you need to do it:
1) Cut out a bird from brown paper .
2) Glue it to the plate.

3) Stick the feather or two to the bird as you wish, just to make it look more colourful

4) Cut out half-round shape from another colour paper  and glue it over the bird. It will close somehow the nest.

5) Cut short pieces of pipe cleaners, bend it and put it into the nest as a decorative detail.
6) Cut out leaves of yellow and red/orage colour paper and stick them to the nest- to make the feeling of autumn more realistic.

All these steps I did with my bird and Karolina was creating her own bird sitting next to me and now we have a mother-bird and a baby bird in our collection-)))

Hope you will enjoy not only singing of birds but  creating your own one as well!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!


  1. Wow...she can do this alone?? You have do keep this art somewhere. It will be very famous one day:-):-):-)

    1. Oh, yeah, it was a hard working process: scissors didn't listen to her-))) glue took all attention and was so attracting when was going out from the bottle. But mainly- she did it=)))Just a little bit mum's finger was going over and controlling-))))