Cotton Ball sheep craft

Today Karolina was busy with cosmetics and different tubes of creams on the shelves where she found cotton balls as well. She was always interested in them, separating or just throwing around herself. Suddenly, I remembered that saw somewhere a craft for kids where you can make a sheep with the help of these very cotton balls and cardboard. So, to spend our time in more fascinating way, we agreed to do such kind of sheep.

The example of sheep image we took from our posters which we have from Kindermusik with Anja as Karolina knows them very well.

What you need to make a cotton ball sheep:
1) cardboard (we have black for all parts of body)
2) scissors
3) glue
4) cotton balls (we took all colours from the package, but to make it more realistic of course you need white ones)
5) 2 googly eyes

How to do a sheep:
1) Cut out
- a big circle which will be body of the sheep covered later with cotton balls;
- a small circle which will be a head of the sheep
- 4 rectangles as legs of the sheep (we cut out 2 legs, don't know why I did it-)))))
- 2 rectangles which you can fold and make ears
2) Each cotton ball put in a glue and stick it to the body of the sheep. Or as alternative you can glue the body and then cover it with balls. Our choice was on purpose that Karolina didn't spread glue everywhere around but just was playing with these balls "which were jumping with the help of her at first to the glue and then to the sheep".

3) Stick the legs at the bottom of the body. We decorated them as well with other balls which were "bells of  the sheep shoes"
4) Stick the head to the body
5) Glue googly eyes and ears on the head of the sheep. Don't forget to make a smile for a sheep too-)))

Karolina was comparing then her own sheep with the picture and tried to voice it, though it sounded more like a cow-))) Of course, our sheep doesn't look like real sheep as well,  with its 2 legs and ears which look not like ears, but the main idea of it was caught by my darling and this is the most important.

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  1. very nice to see how Karolina developed and what kind of ides she got. I think its the roots from her mum:-)