Watermelon craft, beginning of Fruity time

All kids like watermelons, starting from the taste - very sweet, and finishing with the playing with it which goes  between the fingers so nice-))))squeezed and juicy-)))) Karolina had so much fun today with this fruit and what is more important she learnt the word watermelon in Russian. Of course it was not 100% correct, skipping some letters but she did it and liked it (instead of "A-R-B-U-Z" she says "A-B-U").

Yesterday my little girl said the word "orange" in russian as well, though it sounds similar to german one (language of her father) - "A-P-E-L-S-I-N" which sounded like "A-E-S-I-N" or sometimes like "A-S-I-S-I-N" by Karolina.  After such progress with a word per day, I was very happy  that little by little my sweetie starts speaking.  To improve it I decided to start a new small project with her - a kind of "Fruity project" where we will try to make some fruits or berries which we eat and learn to speak.

So, today we made a watermelon craft with Karolina which she loved  a lot. Of course there are different variants from what you can do it, just the paper and glue for example, but we used a foam paper today, as it is new texture for Karolina and the seeds of watermelon we drew with a black poster paint

What you need:

- green and red foam paper
- scissors, glue, brush
- black paint (we used poster paint as it is better in this case than watercolour)

How you do it:
- Find a template of watermelon in internet, print and cut it out  (or draw yourself 2 pieces which reminds a shape of watermelon piece, what we  actually did) from green and red foam paper
- Glue the green piece and stick the red piece onto it.

- Draw watermelon seeds with black paint and THAT's IT-))))

During this activity I tried to teach Karolina colours again, as it is difficult for her now to give correct answer on my question "where is blue.... or red", we remembered how sweet it was and tasty when we ate it, we learnt about seeds, that she should be careful during eating, what colour they are, etc and of course we compared our watermelon with the picture of real one from internet, and Karolina pointed at it, repeating "A-B-U, A-B-U", while that one we have in the fridge is "sleeping" and waiting for Karolina to be eaten tomorrow-))))

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