Stickers for motor skills of your toddler

Yesterday I bought some stickers for Karolina with different animals, flowers, butterflies- everything she is interested in for the present moment. It was funny time for us to play together with them, at first we looked for animals she knows, or we tried to count tigers, pandas, kangaroos there ( right now I am trying to teach her to numbers from 1 up to 5, to see them and recognize, we do have some puzzles with numbers too and we try to count on fingers. It is very sweet to see how Karolina is trying to fold her fingers, and when it is not successful she switches to mine-))).

In one of the stickers there was a sticker album where later appeared already some tigers, pandas, elephants, giraffes, etc. with the help of Karolina and me of course. But let me tell you how everything started. It was about 3 months ago when my husband brought a sticker album with LION KING story for our daughter where you can read a text and stick characters form the cartoon, following the plot. Of course it was too early for Karolina to do it herself, but it was a new experience for her to see how it works. She was rather suprised: WHAT IS THAT??? At firts we found some lions, monkeys, zebras in that album and then stuck them to the page, may be sometimes it didnt coincide with a story but the most interesting was the process itself for both of us.

I saw how Karolina was trying to work with her hands and at this moment I thought- wow, these stickers are really good for her motor skills,  it looked a little bit awkward how she tried to manage with them, that is why I decided we must improve that thing, we only need to wait a little bit.

The time when my girl is already old enough to understand "the process of sticking" has come and I decided to continue that experimental game with stickers.
Karolina is choosing a sticker
The first thing Karolina  stuck herself was a palm tree, which was done upside down. This is also a point that kids must know in which way they must stick the item, but it will come later. After that we fill in the page with different animals, again voicing them and counting (as usual everything works in a circle). And here is the result:
palm tree is upside down, some animals are sitting on each other, but it was fun
Of course it is still not perfect with turning the sticker in hands, sticking them exactly to this side  of the page, but we are working on it and will kepp on till the whole album is full. Later I want to create for her other sticker album with different thematics on each page, like here only domestic animals, or here safari animals, or each page with different colour, etc.

Today I also checked in the internet what kind of exercises I can do with stickers else and found a very interesting article, which gives lots of ideas of using stickers as learning tools. For example, you can use stickers
-  as counters
-  as cards in memory game
- for letter and number recognition,
- for sorting colours and shapes
- in story telling
- creating mosaics
- etc.

Just have a look at this article, click on the link above and you will see how many variants of activities they have there.

And have a nice sticky time-)))

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