How to switch attention of your toddler or a cushion tower activity

This week was quite hard for both of us - Karolina and me - since something is bothering my baby and her mood is changing quite fast and quite often.  When she is playing with her toys, she switches to other thing, and again, and again, and again. In these situations mummies must be so patient and creative, and do any activity from just what they have under their hand. In my case cushions from the sofa helped me a lot. 

Some days ago I was reading one german magazine about babies where found interesting ideas how to spend time with your little one.  There was a page with posts suggesting different games you can play with a baby, starting from 9 months. And one of those gave me a tip  how to switch Karolina's attention  and to make my girl smile, keeping her in this mood a little bit longer. It was good that I had this "deposit" from the article in my head  at that very hard moment. 

We had lunch, and Karolina was pointing on my arm asking where the watch is (actually she did it in her language, and the only thing i understood was the word "tak-tak" which is partially correct from russian "tik-tak" for showing a watch). So, here I offered her to find it after we finish with lunch, what was useful for her motivation. Karolina wanted to help me as usual, when I look for something  she does it with all her heart and passion.  As soon as we came in the living room , I gave Karolina a task to bring a towel back to the kitchen just to have a time to prepare cushions and drop them on the floor, hiding my watch under them. A minute later Karolina came back and saw a hill from pillows which she registered as something new and something not on its place. I asked her if she saw my watch somewhere here and if she can look under the cushions. Karolina started doing this and after the 6th one she found my watch. What a suprise she had on her face! Eyes are like big apples, mouth is in the shape of letter "O". At once, my kid gave me accessory and clapped "Bravo" in order to be appreciated by mum. A kiss didn't wait for a long time. 

searching fora pocket lamp, I guess
Then I hid my phone,a pocket lamp, keys, nd one of her toys. 

"BRAVO,Karolina!" after my girl gave me keys
She was interested by my phone, of course, all the time opening it and pushing the buttons (I must have hid it the last one probably) and I understood that must change it fast again. And then we started to build a tower from pillows, which was all the time destroyed by an imaginary airplane, or a bird, etc. Karolina liked that a lot. Then I offered her to destroy it whereas mummy must build it again...ohhh..and her is the time to go to the group.
Cusion tower, made in Cyprus-)))
Karolina was happy and involved in this short activity which cannot be long, of course, otherwise baby can get bored fast. However, such kind of "switchers" of activity must be always in mummie's pocket. 

And what do you use in such moments? I would like to read your comments and know what else I can do with my kid to have fun at least for 5-10 minutes, it doesn't matter. The most important is her charming smile-))))

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