Hide-and-seek in sand

  Sun, nice weather, a little bit of wind...perfect conditions for going out with your child to the beach. Karolina loves playing there with the sand, sifting it from one place to another one. And it is a true fact that sand is very good for motorics and calming down the nervous system of children. Moreover it is a new experience for Karolina this year and she really enjoys such kind of actitivity. 
  However, when your child cannot build the castle yet, only ruins it (if you try to build).Or in case you want bring some water in the bucket, thinking your child is grown up enough to play with it...but...this water is always not in the place where it must be - sand, or small pool from the sand- but on your baby???!!!What else can you do with your little one when playing in sand?
  So, the answer is to play HIDE-AND-SEEK! and we were playing hide-and-seek game in the sand with a ball. You know at this age children like to play "peek-a-boo" (My Karolina is 17 months now). They just need to close their eyes with sth like hands or scarf or book and they think that nobody can see them. The same they love getting back towards themselves...let it be just other person or a toy hidden behind sth. It is always a big suprise for them to find the toy after that especially with exclamation "Peek-a-boo".
 My Karolina started doing this since 6 or 7 months and still enjoys it. Much more ineteresting now is to see her reaction and emotions. Absolutely unconsciously I hid the ball in the sand and asked Karolina: "Where is the Ball?" in some seconds she realised that there is a new sand hill in front of her and started digging and then she saw her ball...her delight was so sweet and she screamed "Peek-a-boo" (of course she said it in Russian, which sounds like "Ku-Ku and what is easier for babies to pronounce").
this is when she found the ball already the second time

Karolina is digging out the ball

  Anyway, I didn't think that it would have such a success and it took us so much time to play hide-and-sick because later I started with different variations of the game....I dug 2 holes and hid at first in one hole then in another. Or I asked her to hide the ball (which was interesting to watch since she just put the ball in the hole but didn't realise yet that she must put sand over it)))) It was very cute!!!
this is how she hides the ball

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