Freedom makes kids smile

When Karolina was rather small, just about 6 months or so, we moved to Cyprus where new life and new experience has begun for all of us- me, my husband and our daughter. As for me it was a big challenge to stay alone without support of my family and friends and rely only on myself. It was about everything, where most difficult was to learn how to be a mum. 

Since time was passing I was meeting more and more people who were mostly not from my country, but from UK, Germany or other parts of Europe. These people gave me a lot for my new experience, they showed  me other opinions (approaches which are for natural things) about parenting, bringing up, treating a child,etc. I was too scared about all things at the beginning, i.e. when Karolina was sitting on the ground or made herself dirty, or wanted to move further or faster or such, I was always a step behind her. I always rushed to clean the toy which fell down. And later I realized that there is nothing better than to give a child freedom (of course not total). This freedom which I talk about is to let the baby do as much as he/she wants and watch after them. This freedom means not to tell all the time "No" to everything your baby starts. The more they do, the more experience they have and learn fast from the life. 

I know it is hard for some mummies. I also learnt a lot. However, now I try to share this freedom with my baby, mainly to share the feeling of happiness from the freedom and this is what I see... This is what makes my daughter smile...This is what makes her and me happy...

When mummy has a short talk with other mummies, Karolina doesnt think too long to take a comfortable place
(after Kindermusic classes, at Theo's Drawing room)

Karolina feels absolutely not shy when she looks for the snack in the bag of our friend

she was enjoying sitting somewhere a little bit far from her mum

it took quite long time and no worry that mum is somewhere

i just love when my kid is smiling

this was her choice of clothes for today at home)))a kind of freedom in choice too!!!

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