Egg Party 2012 - part 2

 Another Easter Egg Party happened with us at the Tots Playgroup!!! At the beginning children were offered to do different craft activities like: creating your own Easter Bag for presents, 3D egg, Face Painting, Egg Colouring, Colouring Page with Easter bunnies or Eggs, Creating a Book with pages of different colours where each page has its own meaning and story behind (which was very educating and interesting information) and of course EGG HUNTING.

children were creating their own bag where they could put their crafts, chocolate eggs and presents from party!
This table took my attention a looootttt!!!how creative can be our kids!!!!

some of kids did 3D eggs decorating them with glitter, paper stripes, etc.

  There were so many children that nobody could even expect this. All seats around tables with different activities were not enough for those who desired to take part (what actually was very interesting to see).

  There was such interesting thing as FACE PAINTING…what kids liked also very much

Face like this new adventure for them!!!easy and simple face painting on Easter thematic made children smile what is the most important for us, mummies
This was our little Easter Bunny, costume surprise)))

  The noise of kids’ voices, singing, screaming  during playing or creating sth was unlimited))) I guess only the snack time reduced it a little bit for a short time and parents could take a breath while our darlings were saving energy and charging it with tasty things, preparing for the main joy of the day - Egg Hunting.

  It was totally funny to watch your baby looking for small colourfull eggs in grass, palm trees, on the road…everywhere around, in one word. I believe parents also enjoyed this activity-)))At the end when our bag was full of Eggs I realized that we found about 20 eggs or so….oh…oh…it was a little bit too much. However for our over-result we got a present from Easter bunny and my baby was very happy about that.

  Later we gathered together in a circle and listened to a story about Easter colours, their significance which was reproduced by Rebekah and I found it very necessary to know for our new generation, as they must know not only about some decorations of Easter but the story behind too. And of course….favourite routine for finishing the Party was singing.

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