Egg Party 2012

  Last week and beginning of the present one were fantastic for me and my baby:  full of “Easter adventures” with fun, different entertainment, craft activities, sweets and such.  We had our first Egg parties which I guess were and will be very memorable.
  It took place in 2 different playgroups which we attend with Karolina: Baby Antitode Theatre Playgroup and the Tots (at Greek Evangelical Church) where each of them has its own peculiarities and funny moments, with main focus on Egg Hunting, of course.
  Here is the photo report from the First Egg party at Baby Antidote.
The hall was decorated so nice, that I couldnt help but run around and take pictures before kids should come. It looked so amazing and I was like a small girl, enjoying it.
Kids must look for eggs mini phantasy garden with cabbage too-)))

and we were musicians ourselves...and were singing so many songs about bunnies)))

These are our little bunnies

and here started fun with looking for eggs

Karolina found some but was not so fast to catch

though here she took all her will to be successful

And then we came for our sweet cupcake picnic!kids loved it!!!
Karolina is offered one by Charlotte-))))

I like that decorated tree soooooooo much  
    On Wednesday we continued our celebration in the group with more kids and more fun…Moreover, it was in 2 languages this time- English and Greek.

There were more kids and more eggs and more places to look for

Later the story "IF I WERE AN EASTER BUNNY" starts

Bunny orchestra and Bunny band

Amazing singing of Catherine and Charlotte "OOOOhhhh....bougui-bougui", here is the link for video

Everything finished with sweet picnic too, singing, presents from Easter Bunny and good portion of mood

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