Play-doh and pasta activity: what can be simpler?

Oh, yeah...more than a month passed since the last post, though time  flew very fast for me. We were in a trip with my daughter, went to New York, and of course every day was full of sightseeing and not only-)))  (about what i want to share with you later).

When we came back home Karolina was the happiest one from two of us, I guess, as I was very tired after 2 flights with a break in 2 days in Germany and the last flight to sunny Cyprus was very late and I hoped that Karolina would sleep but she didn't think so. Thats why I was like a squeezed lemon and she was rather fit. As I opened the door, Karolina rushed to her toys and here I have 2 versions why it could be like that :whether she missed them a lot...or she was just happy to have so many toys and at once.

The next day I even didnt listen my girl who was very busy playing with everything (I actually felt how i miss her as she is usually all the time by me, in the same room, and involved in what I am doing...and here....SILENCE). I already managed to do house keeping, checking from time to time in which box my darling is now. At last she opened the shelf where her puzzles and play-doh were. She asked me to open play-doh and to make a ball. At the same time I cooked pasta and was thinking it would be nice for Karolina to combine 2 things together. I remembered how I read a post (about learning benefits for playing with play-doh)  from one of my favourite blogs I follow and brought her some pasta to create anything she liked.

Here is what we did with her:

Of course it is not a big masterpiece but it was very sweet to see how she helps me in creating these creatures. Of course one of them you can guess: a hedgehog, i hope it looks like real one, lol =).  The rest are work for imagination.  Some good ideas you can find also in that post I mentioned above.

Enjoy your pasta=))))!!!

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