Shopping Queen and Ice Scating Princess

I love to go shopping with Karolina. I should say she has patience to spend 2-3 hours in the shopping centre  and a good taste. She knows what to choose-)))as I told already before, like a real girl she is crazy about sparkly-glittery-pinky stuff-)))and it is sooo cute when she brings me a new and a new, and a new hanger with this or that skirt or dress, whatever. Moreover, she doesnt forget anyone: "Mama, this is for me...I love these pink shoes...Mama, this is for Nicole...Mama, you look beautiful..."
   One of our last time we were looking around mostly in one of the accessories shops where Karolina tried on almost every single thing. I saw the face of the shop assistant who was smiling already not so friendly-)))anyway, we managed to catch some pics with my Shopping Queen
Another mini story is about Karolina's first experience on the Ice-)))Oh daughter is much more brave like me...she fell in love with this kind of sport and couldnt stop skating. Poor papa...he was all the time behind her in the position of letter Z as we say in Russia-) Anyway, it was more fun with him like with mum as speed and new adventures on ice conquered the heart of my girl. By the way, I should open a secret...there was someone else who helped Karolina to stand on the ice...what do you think, who it could be? there is a little tip: that was not a person...Can you guess?
Here she is, my little Ice Skating Princess
P.S. as soon as I copy pics on the ice from my big camera I can upload them, as these shots were done with a mobile. And they will show you the answer but meanwhile...think and say who it was...

So, although spring has started, but we were lucky to have party on Ice. And what kind of sport does your kiddie like most of all?
Wish you all a nice weather, and sunny days-)))

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