Learning colours+motor skills

Yesterday we continued learning colours with Karolina using mosaic from pegboard set ( i hope it is correct translation of the word, if I am wrong, please correct me-)))Thank you). She used to play with it before, just putting things in the board with holes, developing her motor skills by this. At the beginning it was rather hard for Karolina to take 1 thing in a hand. Later she did it masterfully already. 

In this activtity mosaic helped us not only with mentioned stuff above but to learn colours as well, as before we did a lot of other activties too, but I guess mosaic was more successful (Just imagine how many times I had to reapeat: "this is red" or "this blue", etc, lol)

So, I put all mosaic on the floor and gave her a form for cupcakes which has 12 sections. Repeating the colour of each mosaic we put them in the section with a named colour. Then the task was a little bit changed: to take out a specific colour of mosaic from the mixed stuff, or we compared a colour of mosaic with a colour in the book,where each page is devoted to red, green, yellow etc colour.  We observed what can be green or yellow, we were reading poems about colours and this activity took us quite long=))).

Of course you must be careful to give such kind of materials before 3, but you can substitute it with another alternative, like pompoms for example.

Thank you for reading and see you soon-))) Feel free to tell your opinion about it and you can share your activities for learning the colours with your lovely kid-)))

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