Easter Decor - 3D egg

I am really in a mood this year to celebrate Easter with all prepartion stuff for that. I am from Russia and normally we do not prepare decorations or sth like that. But this time I guess the spirit of European celebration style takes the first place. So, we continue to create sth and this idea  I saw in internet and decided to try it. It looked easy...but preparation takes lots of time, I should say. Anyway, this is the result...

And here is the process..

Cut out the egg, 10 cm high, stripes must be 1cm wide and of different length from 7,5cm to 12 cm.
Then you make like accordion and glue it.

Glue the stripes to each side of egg separately

Of course this variant it is better to do with pre-school age kids and for little ones you can decorate each side of the egg with glitter or such.

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